FCR Leadership Team

FCR Collection Services wants to win your business for the long term.  Our executive leadership team brings many years of experience to the table and can craft any solution you are looking for in the Accounts Receivable and Payment Processing space.

Rod Davis - CEO

Mr. Davis has been operating and managing a variety of organizations since 1979, including the startups of two restaurants and two direct-mail companies. Mr. Davis has shown an inherent ability to increase and improve ventures into which he has entered with his open management style that empowers the staff and to think “outside of the box”.

Michelle Kelley - COO

Michelle Kelley has been with  FCR Collection Services since 2001 and has since served in a series of varied and progressive positions including Vice President of Operations, Director of Operations, Operations Manager and Director of Human Resources.   Ms. Kelley currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for FCR Collection Services, reporting to Rodney Davis, Chief Executive Officer.  In this role she is responsible for the performance of all operational aspects that include Customer Service, Collections, and our Processing Departments.  Ms. Kelley ensures that our organization is running efficiently as well as meeting the expectations and needs of our Customers.  Ms. Kelley is recognized for the ability to incorporate innovative management techniques that result in enhanced business practices, increased productivity, and profits.

Christi Flanigan - CFO / President

Christi Flanigan currently serves as President & Chief Financial Officer for FCR Collection Services, reporting to Rodney Davis, Chief Executive Officer.  In this role, Ms. Flanigan’s primary job responsibilities are to ensure that all lines of business within the organization are running efficiently and within budget.  Ms. Flanigan works directly with the CEO and the Executive Team to devise strategic plans that will generate revenues, create new opportunities for business and to help the company remain competitive within the marketplace.  She is very active and hands on with Sales, Business Development, and Operations along with being responsible for the company’s financial functions, including Treasury, Accounting, Finance, Strategic and Annual Planning, Internal Audit, Financial Systems, and Human Resources. Ms. Flanigan joined FCR Collection Services in 2003 as the Corporate Controller and moved into the Corporate Treasurer position before transitioning into CFO and ultimately President in 2012.

Bryan Dube - EVP Business Development

Bryan Dube has been with FCR Collection Services since 2001 currently holding the position of Executive Vice President of Business Development.  Mr. Dube is responsible for maintaining aggressive revenue growth for the company.  Mr. Dube’s knowledge of the industry, people and products is essential to the demonstrated success of  FCR Collection Services products and new offerings.  Mr. Dube’s responsibilities include management of the FCR Collection Services national sales staff, working with marketing to promote products and keep customers informed, and delivering FCR Collection Services product presentations to industry audiences and potential clients across the country.

Mr. Dube’s currently plays a key role in offering payment-processing and collection services to an impressive roster of leading companies by building and maintaining an innovative approach to financial solutions.  As an active member of the Executive Team, he provides guidance into the corporate strategic plan, business development, financial management, and acquisitions.

Jeff Gordy - CIO

Jeff Gordy currently serves as the Chief Information Officer reporting to Rodney Davis, Chief Executive Officer.   In this role, Mr. Gordy provides FCR Collection Services with the leadership and skills necessary to create a robust information technology environment for FCR Collection Services customers.

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