Professional collections services benefit which industries the most?

A staggering number of noncash financial transactions are conducted in the U.S. Several years ago, a study conducted by the Federal ReserveOverview of the work of hospital staff. System estimated that transactions totaled 174.2 billion, including credit cards, debit cards, and checks. In other words, a lot of money is being transferred—but many more transactions aren’t taking place, resulting in businesses and industries accruing debt.

Collection professionals play a crucial role in helping companies and organizations deal with this debt. In their role, they secure financial payments for organizations whose customers have fallen behind in a compassionate and ethical manner, guided by all applicable laws and processes—and most importantly, with empathy.

U.S. consumers hold $15.31 trillion in debt, according to Experian, making debt collection a sensitive and wide-ranging issue.

The financial backdrop makes it unsurprising that many industries can benefit from partnering with collections professionals to recover debts. Here are a few examples.

College and University

A collection professional specializing in educational debt can assist colleges and universities in recovering this type of debt while providing excellent customer service.


Any business owner or manager knows that collections are an integral part of the business, and they can be challenging, time consuming, and time-consuming. When it comes to collecting debt from a business-to-business transaction, it requires focus and attention to detail. With their expertise in working with other companies to recover debt quickly and effectively, collections professionals can help alleviate the stress of day-to-day collection activities on your operation.

Utility services

To cover expenses, such as maintenance and upkeep of critical infrastructure, organizations in the energy sector rely on recurring monthly payments. Collection professionals are often hired by utility providers to ensure continuity of utility services and keep more customers current.


Surgical procedures and doctor’s visits often result in debt. However, it is rare for collections services to treat recovering patients with debt in a kind and caring manner. If you hire a collections provider that is ethical and has a track record of successfully recouping medical debts from patients, you will avoid that.

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